PhenQ Review and Results

There are a lot of weight loss supplements out there that promise you the moon…or at least, promise you results.
It can be hard to pick which one to take – appetite suppression, fat burning, fat blocking – because you don’t want to waste your money while you’re trying to trim your waist.

In that spirit, I’m taking a look at PhenQ in this in-depth review.

Detailed PhenQ Review and Results with benefits

PhenQ Review and Results

best fat burner supplementFirst of all, what is it? I’m glad you asked.
PhenQ is a weight loss product (obviously) and a fat burner, but it’s so much more.

You’ve probably heard that you can’t spot-train a single muscle group.
That’s true. The only way to reduce body fat in one area by exercising is to exercise your whole body.

That’s the same idea behind PhenQ. It comes at weight loss and fat reduction from multiple angles.

That means that not only does it burn fat (by giving your metabolic and thermogenic rates a boost), but it also blocks fat from forming.

You’re trying to lose fat here, not build some more, right?
If that’s not enough for you – and it shouldn’t be, because you deserve the best – it’s an appetite suppressant as well as an energy booster.

All of that in one supplement is pretty impressive, I have to say, but I also have to say that I’ve heard of supplements with those effects before. Hit me with something new.

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And then they do. We’re talking mood boosters.
If you’ve been on a diet before, then you know how crabby you can get.

Maybe it’s because your energy has dipped because you’ve cut out all the sugar that was keeping you going before or maybe you’re just angry because you want to eat something you can’t have.

Whatever the reason, the combination of energy boosters and mild mood – enhancers are tailor-made to keep you out of the anger zone.

And the combination of all those factors in one supplement, rather than in several you would otherwise have to buy, will keep your wallet from losing weight while you do.

What’s Inside of PhenQ?

Obviously, you don’t want to take a supplement if you don’t know what you’re taking, so I scoured the package for the details.

First of all, there’s a proprietary formula called a-Lacys Reset® that puts the pedal to the metal or rather, to your metabolism.

It’s the main ingredient responsible for fat burning, as it both accelerates your metabolic rate and gently raises your thermogenic rate, to make fat burning more efficient.

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a-Lacys Reset® is backed by science and by PhenQ’s clinical reviews, which showed that adding it to the formula, versus a formula without it or with a placebo, resulted in greater fat loss, greater weight loss, and greater muscle mass formation. Wow!

Besides their secret sauce, PhenQ also contains Capsimax Powder.
That’s a blend of things you’re familiar with, like peppers, that have the ability to enhance thermogenesis, which is the process by which your thermogenic rate works.

Piperine, which you may know better as black pepper, might also have the ability to stop fat formation.

The rest of the ingredients you’ve heard of, as well. There’s:

PhenQ Ingredients

calcium carbonate: You know you need it for healthy bones, but you might not know that it can encourage your body to burn fat. It can send a signal to your body that you're at a healthy weight and no longer need to keep storing fat like you're a squirrel saving nuts for the winter. That way, your body then starts burning the fat stores it has on hand.

chromium picolinate: It does its level best to keep you from overindulging on sweets by telling your sugar craving that you've had enough.

caffeine: It's not a surprise to find this here, right? You know it boosts energy—you're probably reading this from behind a cup of coffee—but it's like the backup band for all the other ingredients. It helps them out by helping to boost your mood and suppress your appetite.

nopal: You might know this one if you love traditional Mexican food. It's just cactus, but then again, it's not. It's full of fiber, which you probably know keeps you full, and it's chock-full of amino acids that keep your energy steady. This little wonder can also have a diuretic effect, so you won't be keeping on water weight.

L-carnitine furmarate: It's a natural amino acid that helps burn fat and then turn that fat into energy. So even though you're losing weight, you won't be losing steam.


How Does It Work?

You can take one tablet at breakfast and one tablet at lunch. That’s it—that’s all the work you have to do!

Meanwhile, it goes to work burning your stored fat, blocking new fat from being produced, keeping your cravings away, and boosting your energy and mood.


This is an easy one. If you take PhenQ like you’re supposed to, then you’re going to lose weight.

That’s probably the main benefit you’re concerned with, but there are others.
If you feel bad about yourself because you feel bad about your weight, it’s not a radical idea to think that you’ll boost your esteem when you like what you see in the mirror.

Or maybe you’ve got “skinny clothes” that have been hanging unworn in your closet.
You’ll be able to get back into those.

You won’t feel as sluggish as you do now and if you want to start or to ramp up an exercise program, you’ll have the energy and stamina for it.

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I’m sure you’re thinking by now that PhenQ sounds pretty awesome, but there has to be a catch, right? Well, let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

PROS: Like we just discussed, there are a lot of benefits to taking PhenQ.
If you’ve been struggling with weight loss and/or fat burning and nothing has seemed to work, why not try PhenQ?

Here are some benefits:

  • Burn your fat fast
  • Reduce your appetite
  • Decrease growth of new fat cells
  • Less cravings for sugar
  • Prevent absorption of ingested fats
  • Recover your lost confidence
  • Improve your health
If you need more specific pros, though, then how about:


 • It actually works - if you're looking for fat burning, you've come to the right place

• Increased energy - sometimes the last thing I want to do is exercise and exercise is the last thing I do. With increased energy, I can get it out of the way when I jump out of bed and not when I crawling back in.

• Makes weight loss really easy - I've reviewed some weight loss programs where I've felt like I needed a spreadsheet just to keep track of my workouts. With PhenQ, I can just take the supplement and do any workouts I want.

• Lower costs - As I mentioned before, by combining all these effects in one supplement, PhenQ saves you from having to buy multiple supplements just to get the same results. In addition, though, with the appetite suppression, you'll be buying less junk food, which your wallet will also thank you for.

• 100% Full Money Back Guarantee - Maybe you're still skeptical. That's a good thing to be. Another good thing is that if you try PhenQ, they'll give 60 days to test it out. Return the unused portion within the guarantee period and you'll get a full refund, minus shipping.


You can’t take it at night: If you follow the directions—and you absolutely should—you should take one tablet at breakfast and then another at lunch.

Don’t get creative and decide to shift your supplementing to lunch and dinner, even if you goofed up and missed breakfast.

That’s because you’ll be nowhere near ready to go to bed even when it’s time to.

Caffeine: If you’re sensitive to caffeine in any way, including caffeine headaches, PhenQ might not be the best choice for you, unless you limit your caffeine from other sources.

Consult a medical professional for more advice.

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The Bottom Line

And that’s PhenQ. Overall, I think it’s a great choice for people seeking to burn fat quickly, especially people who haven’t had success on traditional calories-in/calories-out meal programs.

I would recommend trying it for sixty days, because you don’t have anything to lose but weight.

Pricing Information

PhenQ is a weight loss product, which you can buy only on their Official Website.

You can find there tree kinds of packages that they offer.
Although, you can find it for about $70 per bottle, you can actually save your money there.

You will find several package deals that can be more suitable for you.


per one bottle

2 bottles 120 pills
+ 1 free bottle


3 bottles
+ 2 free bottles
+ 1 free cleansing tea

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