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about me Jordan HillsJordan Hills is a life-long fitness enthusiast and nutritionist with a passion for clean eating and getting active every day.
She loves motivating others to do the same. Jordan has been studying and teaching all forms of calisthenics and movement from weight lifting to yoga, and loves mixing and matching fitness styles to achieve the best results for herself and her personal training clients.

Her favorite part of coaching is empowering clients and friends to take charge of their own health, to fully embrace their journeys and be proud of their results.  She has been a certified personal trainer for six years, and a 200RT hatha yoga instructor for four. Jordan especially loves motivating women, and wants to spread the message of how good physical health is crucial to feeling great mentally!

More About Jordan

Athat is mefter struggling with yo-yo dieting and weight gain as a teen, upon entering college Jordan knew it was time to get serious about her own health, and so decided to earn a degree in nutrition and dietetics.

On her own journey to her best healthful living she is dedicated to finding the best natural and nature based supplements, combining her love of clean eating with an interest in plant and nature-based nutrition.

Cooking is her passion outside of the gym.  Her favorite recipes are ones that take traditional comfort foods and finds healthy twists for them, by integrating nutrient dense vegetables in unexpected places – like butternut squash in the country classic, macaroni and cheese!

Jordan is picky about what she puts in her body, and only uses natural supplements and those that come highly recommended with proven results.

Jordan encourages her clients to be picky when choosing supplements to augment their weight loss journey. She pushes her clients to educate themselves about the best options out there for metabolism boosting recipes and ingredients, based on her own extensive research and experience.  Jordan would never recommend something to a client that she has not had success with herself – knowing which products to trust is something she rests her reputation on.

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Jordan embraces wellness and fitness as a holistic lifestyle, and on top of cooking especially  loves anything that gets her outside with her dogs in her free time – in any weather!  She loves traveling to places that allow her to push her limits, especially physically, like hiking in Peru, or camping in the desert in Nevada.  Her dream trip is pushing herself hiking a long-range trail with only a backpack for company.

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